fredag 13 januari 2012


Coitus: the breaking of the eye, the convulsive letting go by the body, the lips forced open, letting the breath steal through - this whole mime is related to that of catastrophe. This is one of the disturbing charms of the process. Similar to the change that happens when a person stands there, healthy, strong, proud, then the next minute has a bullet in his body and belongs to the dust in which he is writhing.


2 kommentarer:

Skymning sa...

Gillar detta, ägnar en del tid åt att fundera kring temat. Vem har skrivit?

Niklas sa...

Hej Skymning! Roligt att du gillar det. Jag glömde att skriva "Musil" så tack för frågan. Orden kommer ur hans "Diaries 1899-1942.